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This Week in AI \\ Week of April 15 - 19: TSMC's Revenue Surge, Microsoft's Innovations, and Meta's Upcoming Launch

Updated: Apr 28




1.       Boosted by AI demand, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) exceeded first-quarter revenue forecasts with a 9% year-over-year increase, and anticipates up to a 30% sales rise in the second quarter due to AI-driven growth.


2.       Creative Artists Agency is evaluating the economic impacts of AI-generated celebrity likenesses with their "CAA Vault" project, considering whether to restrict or capitalize on these digital clones in the entertainment industry.


3.       OpenAI has launched version 2 of their Assistants API, entering the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) field, to widespread enthusiasm among developers for the new features and capabilities.


4.       Microsoft's new VASA-1 model can create realistic lip-sync videos from just one photo, described as “lifelike talking faces” or “deepfakes” by users on X, showcasing impressive technological advancements.


5.       Boston Dynamics unveiled a robot video that powerfully illustrated its ability to rise from a flat position, sparking discussions on humanoid robots' potential to outperform humans in physical tasks.


6.       To prevent misinformation, Snap Inc. will embed a visible watermark on AI-generated images in their app, warning that removal of this watermark breaches their Terms of Service.


7.       Leaders from Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, and Blackstone highlight AI's vast potential in finance, from boosting productivity to funding data centers, emphasizing a significant opportunity for corporate AI transitions.


8.       AMD is set to revolutionize personal computing with new AI chips for PCs developed in collaboration with HP and Lenovo, enhancing local AI processing capabilities.


9.       In a significant geopolitical shift, Microsoft has invested $1.5 billion in UAE-based G42, redirecting the firm from Chinese influences towards the US, amidst national security concerns.


10.   After initially raising funds at a $2 billion valuation, Mistral is now aiming for a $5 billion valuation, cementing its status as a key player in the frontier model market.


11.   Rewind's new startup, Limitless, is poised to lead the wearable AI market with its Pendant device, which records and interacts with user experiences, signaling a bold entry into the sector.


12.   Adobe is actively developing a generative AI video model and exploring partnerships with OpenAI among others, while also introducing a budget-friendly AI assistant for Acrobat users.


13.   Former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is orchestrating a bid to acquire TikTok with AI support, responding to US demands for a domestic buyer to replace Chinese-owned ByteDance.


14.   Meta confirms the upcoming release of their Llama 3 AI model, with initial smaller versions launching this week, ahead of a major release scheduled for the summer.

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