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Last Week in AI \\ Week of 06 - AlphaFold3 predicts biological structures, MicroSoft's MAI-1 aiming to surpass OpenAI & Google, and more...

 AlphaFold 3, by Google DeepMind and Isomorphic Labs, predicts all biological molecules' structures using AI. It advances medicine and drug development by speeding treatment creation and disease understanding. Available for free to researchers, it marks a significant leap in applying AI to life sciences.

  1. Microsoft, led by Mustafa Suleyman, is developing MAI-1, a 500 billion parameter AI model aiming to surpass industry leaders like OpenAI and Google. Trained with data from GPT-4 and the internet, MAI-1 represents a major stride in AI, boosting Microsoft’s competitive stance in global tech.

  1. X, previously Twitter, introduces Stories for X Premium subscribers, offering AI-generated news summaries in the Explore section. Powered by Grok AI and designed for accuracy and relevance, the feature aims to streamline news consumption, though users are advised to verify the AI-produced content.

  1. TikTok is expanding its AI content labeling to include third-party creations, ensuring users know when content is AI-generated. This step enhances transparency, but its effectiveness remains to be seen.

  1. Google's AlphaFold 3 model transcends previous AI by predicting human molecular behaviors, potentially revolutionizing the pace of scientific discovery and medical advancements.

  1. OpenAI's latest Model Spec explores the boundaries of acceptable AI behavior, notably indicating an interest in developing responsibly-generated NSFW content, sparking discussions on ethical AI use.

  1. Microsoft has developed a top-secret AI chatbot designed exclusively for U.S. intelligence, operating independently from the internet to minimize security risks and cater to the specific needs of spy agencies.

  1. Open source AI firm Mistral is nearing a significant funding milestone with a $6 billion valuation, tripling its previous valuation, highlighting its rapid growth and potential in the competitive AI landscape.

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