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Last Week in AI \\ Week of 22 - 26: AI's New Era: Major Moves by Nvidia, Apple, and Moderna


1.       Nvidia acquires Israeli startup Run:ai for $700 million, enhancing its AI infrastructure and GPU workload management, strengthening its position against competitors like AMD.


2.       Apple launches OpenELM, an open-source language model family operating on local devices for enhanced privacy and speed, featuring improved accuracy and efficiency. It is accessible on the Hugging Face Hub for collaborative development.


3.       Perplexity AI, founded by Aravind Srinivas, achieves unicorn status with a $1 billion valuation after a $63 million raise, supported by investors like Jeff Bezos, revolutionizing AI-driven search.


4.       Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses receive a major AI and AR upgrade, enhancing functionalities like live video analysis, translations, livestreaming, and social media integration, positioning them as a practical alternative to competitors like Apple Vision Pro.


5.       AI coding startup Cognition, only six months old, has hit a $2 billion valuation amidst debates over whether it's hype or groundbreaking technology.


6.       Moderna integrates OpenAI's ChatGPT across its operations, involving all 3000 employees in a significant organizational transformation.


7.       Saudi Arabia is advancing as a significant AI hub, strategically positioned between the US and China, driving its tech sector's growth.


8.       A recent Axios survey indicates growing workplace support for AI, with professionals viewing AI-using colleagues more favorably.


9.       Microsoft's latest earnings beat estimates with AI driving significant cloud revenue growth, contrasting Wall Street's mixed reactions to tech investments.


10.   xAI, known for its Grok models, is reportedly finalizing a $6 billion funding round, highlighting the intense competition and investment in advanced AI technologies.


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