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April 14th AI Highlights: From Mistral's New Model to Meta's Upcoming Llama 3

1.     Mistral Drops New Mixtral 8×22b Model Mistral released their latest Mixtral 8x22b model featuring about three times the parameters of its predecessors and a new 65k token context window. The development community is actively engaging with it.

2.     Meta Llama 3 is Coming Meta is set to release the open-source Llama 3 LLM later this month, generating significant excitement in the AI community following confirmation of earlier reports by The Information.

3.     Gemini 1.5 Pro Public Preview Google’s new Gemini 1.5 Pro offers a staggering million token context window and integrates native speech/audio recognition, now available in public preview shortly after its announcement.

4.     “Majorly Improved” GPT-4 Turbo OpenAI has upgraded GPT-4 to Turbo version, enhancing it significantly as per initial feedback. This version, promising major improvements, will soon be integrated into ChatGPT.

5.     Is Udio the “ChatGPT” Moment for Generative Music? Udio is setting new benchmarks in generative music, sparking discussions about a potential paradigm shift in musical creativity similar to ChatGPT’s impact.

6.     Improved GPT-4 Turbo Now In ChatGPT The new, advanced GPT-4 Turbo version with enhanced Vision capabilities is now available in ChatGPT, delighting users who preferred it over competing models like Claude 3.

7.     Humane Pin Faces Rough First Set of Reviews The Humane AI Pin has received mixed reviews, highlighting its futuristic potential but also significant current shortcomings.

8.     Amazon Adds Andrew Ng to Board Amazon has appointed AI expert Andrew Ng to its board of directors amidst a broader strategy of cost-cutting and emphasizing AI in business operations.

9.     Apple Rushing M4 Chip For AI Apple is developing a new M4 chip for upcoming Macs, focusing on enhancing generative AI capabilities, despite the recent launch of the M3 chip line.

10.  OpenAI Fires Researchers for Leaks OpenAI dismissed two researchers for undisclosed information leaks, highlighting increased internal security measures.

11.  Google Vids: Create Custom AI-Assisted Videos Google introduced a new AI-powered video creation tool at their Cloud Next conference, offering features like real-time collaboration and customizable components within Google Workspace.


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