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March 18th AI Highlights: UN Resolutions, Reddit IPO, and Big Tech Shifts

Updated: Apr 12

March 18th AI Highlights: UN Resolutions, Reddit IPO, and Big Tech Shifts 


1.       Inflection AI's Leadership Moves to Microsoft: Inflection AI is experiencing a pivotal shift as its co-founders transition to Microsoft, with the former CEO heading a new AI division. This move signals a significant change in the AI landscape and has led to speculation about the future of Inflection's AI products.


2.       Saudi Arabia's Ambitious AI Investment: Saudi Arabia is reported to be establishing a massive $40 billion AI investment fund, potentially in collaboration with Andreessen Horowitz. This initiative positions the Kingdom as a formidable global investor in AI technology.


3.       Anticipation Surrounds GPT-5: Speculations are brewing about GPT-5's release, with insiders hinting at substantial improvements over its predecessors. This has generated excitement about the potential advancements in AI capabilities.


4.       Reddit's AI Strategy in IPO: As Reddit prepares for its IPO, its strategy emphasizes leveraging its vast data for AI model training. This approach, highlighted by a significant deal with Google, underscores the platform's value proposition in the AI era.


5.       Quiet-STaR Enhances AI Reasoning: The introduction of Quiet-STaR, a method encouraging AI to "think" before responding, has significantly improved reasoning and mathematical abilities in AI models. This development could reignite discussions on AI's cognitive processes.


6.       Apple and Google Gemini Collaboration: Apple is in discussions to incorporate Google's Gemini AI into iPhone features, enhancing the device's capabilities with advanced artificial intelligence. Although Apple has also considered a partnership with OpenAI, this seems less probable compared to the Google Gemini initiative.


7.       Nvidia GTC Event Highlights: Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is anticipated to be a landmark event for AI enthusiasts, drawing an estimated 300,000 attendees both online and in-person. The conference's highlight is expected to be the unveiling of the B100 GPU, which is rumored to offer double the performance of the current H100 model.


8.       US Military AI Conference: The US State Department is organizing a significant meeting with over 100 delegates from 42 countries to discuss the military applications of AI, focusing on establishing best practices and safety measures.


9.       Grok Open Sourced: Following Elon Musk's commitment, Grok's base model weights and network architecture for Grok-1 have been made publicly available on GitHub, licensed under Apache 2.0 to allow commercial use.



10.   UN AI Resolution Effort: The United States has introduced a resolution at the United Nations aiming to establish a fundamental set of principles for AI development and usage. This initiative seeks unanimous support from all 193 member countries, emphasizing a unified approach to AI governance.


11.   Public Opinion on AI and Entertainment: According to Deloitte's Digital Media Trends survey, about 22% of participants believe that generative AI has the potential to create more captivating TV shows and movies than human writers, revealing a significant interest in AI-driven content.



12.   Intel and US Government Semiconductor Deal: In response to the challenges of offshoring semiconductor manufacturing, the U.S. government has engaged Intel in a $20 billion initiative, involving grants and debt, to revitalize domestic production, indicating a strategic shift towards re-establishing the semiconductor industry in the U.S.



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