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Interview [Video]: The Current State of Media with Terry Kawaja, CEO & Founder of Luma Partners

Check out the latest conversation with Terence Kawaja, the founder and CEO of LUMA Partners, a media and technology investment bank. Over Terry’s 30+ career, he has advised on over $300 billion in transactions, including some of the biggest deals in media, technology, and advertising.

Luma Partners provides a host of value-added services catered to the startup ecosystem including LUMAscapes, which maps the relationships of over 8,000 key digital industry players.

Terry and I took to the podcast airwaves to unearth his unique insights on:

• The future of Twitter and what it means within the larger social media landscape.

• Why your job might be safe from AI disruption.

• Why MediaMath failed and why you should care.

• Which AdTech companies are getting it right and how they do it.

• Which holding company is nailing its foray in consulting using a markedly unconventional approach.

A vital theme from Terry’s concluding remarks centers around “change” and our ability to adapt and embrace innovation within our organizations:

[43:15] with the nature of “change” accelerating exponentially, companies who stay ahead will have to radically re-imagine three things:

1- Product Strategy

2- Goto Market Strategy

3- Talent Composition

Leaders who are willing to voraciously digest and implement new technologies will outperform those who are slower to infuse innovation into their businesses.

As Terry remarks, It’s the “change that creates variance between individual performers.”


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