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April 6th AI Highlights: Apple enters the fray, Google Pay to Search, Fed up Musicians and more...

Updated: Apr 12

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April 6th AI Highlights: Apple enters the fray, Google Pay to Search, Fed up Musicians and more... 



OpenAI unveils voice cloning tool

OpenAI has released a new AI-powered voice cloning tool that can generate highly realistic synthetic speech by analyzing just a few minutes of audio data. This enables personalized voice assistants, expedited content creation, and accessible communication for those with speech impairments.


Microsoft and OpenAI are planning to build a $100 billion AI supercomputer data center in Iowa, one of the largest computing systems ever created. This massive investment aims to reduce reliance on Nvidia's hardware and accelerate the development of advanced AI models and applications.


Apple's new AI model outperforms GPT-4

Apple has developed a new large language model that outperforms OpenAI's GPT-4 on a variety of benchmarks, showcasing the company's growing AI capabilities. This model could enable more advanced virtual assistants, content generation, and other AI-powered applications on Apple devices.


OpenAI adds image editing

OpenAI has expanded its AI capabilities to include image editing and manipulation. Users can now generate, edit, and refine images using the same powerful language model technology behind tools like DALL-E. This enhances the versatility of OpenAI's AI platform.


Point72's Steve Cohen Says AI Has Saved Them $25M

Prominent hedge fund manager Steve Cohen says his firm Point72 has already saved $25 million by using large language models to improve efficiency. He warns that companies not embracing AI will "wake up one day and go 'we're in trouble.'"


The Problem With Amazon's Just Walk Out "AI"

Amazon's "Just Walk Out" cashier-less shopping technology wasn't powered by AI at all, but rather a team of contractors in India acting as virtual cashiers. This raises concerns about transparency and trust in AI-powered systems.


Google Considering a Search Paywall

As AI transforms Google's search experience, the company is reportedly considering a premium version of its search engine that would only be accessible to paying members. This potential shift in business model could have significant implications for users.


Apple Exploring Home Robotics

After forays into electric vehicles and generative AI, Apple is now reportedly exploring the possibility of developing home robots as part of its "next big thing." However, some analysts view this as a sign of the company acting adrift.


Study Finds AI Reduces Conspiracy Theories

Surprisingly, a new controlled trial found that engaging in a 3-round debate with a GPT-based AI system arguing the opposite side can meaningfully lower conspiracy beliefs, even among true believers. This represents a positive application of AI technology.


Judge Bans AI-Enhanced Video as Trial Evidence

A Washington State judge has ruled that AI-enhanced videos cannot be used as evidence in the trial of a suspected multi-murderer. The judge expressed concerns that such videos could muddle eyewitness testimony and lead to confusion.


Musicians Sign Letter Warning of AI Threat

Over 200 musicians, including Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj, Stevie Wonder, and J Balvin, have signed an open letter calling for protection against the threat of AI, describing it as an "assault on human creativity" that must be stopped.




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