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Research [PDF]: UBS; An intro to Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)Analysis

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Hey there, fellow finance aficionados! With this download, you get to dive headfirst into the mind-boggling world of discounted cash flow (DCF). Brace yourselves for some serious money math madness. We all sang about it in the 70's, 80's and 90's now you get to see how it's made.

DCF is like a financial crystal ball, predicting a company's value based on future cash flows. But wait, there's more! It's all about the discount rate, which magically turns those future dollars into present ones. It's like converting monopoly money into cold, hard cash.

Sure, DCF may sound like an antiquated video tape format, but it's actually a serious tool for valuing investments. Just remember, when it comes to DCF, you need nerves of steel and a love for numbers bigger than your appetite at Golden Corral.

Happy crunching those numbers, folks! May the DCF force be with you.

Click to download:

UBS Introduction to DCF
Download PDF • 431KB

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