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Doughnut Jar: Conversations in AI EP 007: Ink and Algorithm: Shantell Martin Explores the Intersection of Creative Arts and AI

A Conversation with Shantell Martin | British Visual Artist

Welcome to Doughnut Jar: Conversations in AI, the weekly podcast where Donnovan Andrews, founder of Doughnut Jar; Global Consulting Principal, Artificial Intelligence with Ogilvy Consulting; and serial entrepreneur; will feature in-depth talks with prominent figures in AI from diverse sectors like academia, marketing, governance, and development.

In Episode 007, we are speaking with Shantell Martin | British Visual Artist and so much more...

Shantell is a visual artist, intuitive philosopher, cultural facilitator, teacher, choreographer, songwriter, performer, and more. From fashion and celebrity collaborations to adjunct professor positions at MIT Media Lab, NYU Tisch ITP, Columbia University’s Brown Institute, and choreographing a ballet at the Boston Ballet, Shantell’s LINE constantly evolves.Creating new connections between fine art, education, design, philosophy, and technology, Shantell explores themes such as intersectionality, identity, and play.

Find her featured artist spot on YouTube Originals here.

Shantell’s Solo Gallery Show ‘Intimate Whispers’ opens in Los Angeles Feb 29.

You can find more about Shantell here.

Artist photo credit: @michelle_mosqueda

Follow along for future episodes with other notable figures in this emerging and important space.

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