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Doughnut Jar: Conversations in AI EP 009: AI Empowering Creators: Monetizing Content Globally with Scale and Innovation

A Conversation with Omar Tawakol of Rembrand

Welcome to Doughnut Jar: Conversations in AI, the weekly podcast where Donnovan Andrews, founder of Doughnut Jar; Global Consulting Principal, Artificial Intelligence with Ogilvy Consulting; and serial entrepreneur; will feature in-depth talks with prominent figures in AI from diverse sectors like academia, marketing, governance, and development.

In Episode 009, we are speaking with Omar Tawakol of Rembrand on AI Empowering Creators: Monetizing Content Globally with Scale and Innovation

Omar is the CEO of Rembrand, a firm that uses generative fusion to place brands into non-interruptive in-scene ads. In 2017 he founded and was CEO of Voicea, a company specializing in leveraging conversational artificial intelligence which was acquired by Cisco in 2019. From 2019 – 2022 he served as GM of Product Led Growth at Cisco. In 2008, he founded BlueKai, Inc., a leading data management platform for Fortune 100 marketers, and served as its CEO until BlueKai’s acquisition by Oracle in 2014. At Oracle, Tawakol was the SVP and GM of the Oracle Data Cloud Division. Prior roles included chief advertising officer and general manager of Medio Systems, Inc. (acquired by Nokia); and CEO of CoRelation (acquired by Audience Science). He currently serves on the board of LiveRamp. Mr. Tawakol holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and two Master of Science degrees from Stanford University, one in Engineering and the other in Computer Science.

Follow along for future episodes with other notable figures in this emerging and important space.

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